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Lica Hamlin

Project and Event Manager

Lica lives by this belief, "Always choose to be kind rather than right. An intelligent mind that speaks matters, but a special heart that listens will leave more significant meaning to others. BE KIND."

As a straight, cisgender woman — Lica always gets asked, "Why are you affiliated with the rainbow community, and how can these people help you?" She always says, "They are my family. Families don't leave families." As a proud ally, Lica believes that we are all equal regardless of sexuality and gender as we all breathe the same air, eat, sleep, work, play, travel, respect, care and love.

Lica was born in Mandaluyong City, Philippines and grew up in Pasig City. She's an Early Childhood teacher who dreams of having her own early childhood centre, bakeshop cafe, restaurant and events management business. She also wants to own a house for her family and a few properties that she can rent to NZ newcomers cheaply. When she reaches the age of 60, she still wants to be active in charities, not only in NZ but around the world.

Facebook: Little Sweet House

Instagram: @littlesweethouse2022

Lica Hamlin
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