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Lauren Taylor

Team Member

Lauren is a bisexual woman who grew up in England. She's a huge bookworm, happiest when reading anything from fiction to self-help or spiritual literature. Aside from being a book reader, Lauren is also a Youth Worker. She works with young people under the social care system who cannot live with their relatives and those under the Youth Justice system (young offenders). By connecting, empathising and seeing these young people as they are, holding them in respect and care, she feels they can learn to feel safe again in the world and maybe hope for a brighter future.

Lauren lives by this belief, "Find your truth, state your truth, and then live it. Keep turning within, and you will never get lost." With the eagle as her spirit animal, Lauren likes to keep a wide view of life and why it is all happening. Look down from above, not get caught up in the small things. The eagle sees all and trusts in the path.

Although Lauren is not a Filipino, she feels safe and at home with the Proud team. She enjoys attending our team meetups and likes having a family that cares and respects her.

Instagram: @proudteamnz

Lauren Taylor
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