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Harvi Mandap-Torres

Project and Event Manager

Harvi or Harv is a lesbian who focuses on progress, not perfection. Her friends describe her as free-spirited as she embraces independence and she can stand up for herself.

On top of being an employee by day and an entrepreneur by night, Harvi would like to travel and focus on her Life Coaching career. Her spirit animal is a wolf. Wolves are known to travel in packs and never leave their pack. If one gets left behind, the pack will come back. Like the wolves, Harvi values loyalty, especially with her family and friends. She also has a deep connection with her instincts and appetite for freedom.

As per Harvi, the significance of being vocal about her sexual orientation has shaped her to become comfortable in her own skin. Being a woman who dearly loves a woman — she has nothing to be ashamed of. The rainbow community plays an important role to the minority, and as Proud team’s Project Manager, she encourages bothered and not so bothered people to reach out to them.

Instagram: havtorres / harvitorreslifecoach

Youtube: Harvi Torres

Tiktok: harvitorres

Harvi Mandap-Torres
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